Visa for Belgium

All information about applying for a visa for Belgium.

Processing time and decision

Processing time and decision of a visa application.
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Processing time of visa depends on type of visa. Ideally and when a complete file is presented, decision might be taken in a few days’ time up to 2-3 weeks. Certain applications need to be submitted to the competent authorities in Brussels, which can prolong the process.

Long stay visa such as for family reunion with non-Europeans or for marriage and legal cohabitation always have to be submitted to competent authorities in Brussels and take hence more time, it can take up to 6 months before getting a decision, and even longer for some types of visa (articles 9 and 10).

If the application is sent to Brussels, follow-up of status can be done on the website of Immigration Service in Dutch or French.

A visa application will result in either the visa delivery or a refusal decision. In either case, the applicant is contacted by the embassy to coordinate withdrawal of passport, visa or refusal notification, and original documents.

Documents including the passport can be picked up by a third party. This person must bring the signed form of attorney and a copy of his/her proof of identity. The form must have a meterai (duty stamp).

Applicants may ask for documents to be sent by via courier delivery, but this is always under their responsibility and at their cost.