Consular services

This section contains information on your registration, how to apply for an identity card or passport, etc.

Consular registration

Information on your registration at the Consulate General.
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All information about your registration can be found on the FPS Foreign Affairs website.

Online registration via the electronic counters for Belgians abroad

As of 25/11/2020, The Belgian embassy / Belgian consulate (general) offers you the opportunity to register online in the consular population register. You can access the website if you:

  • are Belgian;
  • are not (no longer) registered in Belgian municipality, because you have reported your departure abroad to this municipality;
  • have a valid and activated Belgian e-ID;
  • know your PIN code and have a card reader.

Registration by sending documents to the embassy

If you cannot register via the electronic counter, you can contact our embassy ( Please submit or send the following documents (which are available in Dutch or French) in PDF format:

  • if you have moved from Belgium, the “Model 8” (proof of deregistration issued by your commune) in Dutch or French;
  • the registration form for adults (Dutch or French), minors (Dutch or French), or foreign family members of a registered Belgian (Dutch or French);
  • the registration form for elections abroad in Dutch or French (possibly followed by a power of attorney form in Dutch or French);
  • a copy of your passport;
  • a copy of your e-ID;
  • a copy of your residence permit (KITAS/KITAP);
  • proof of you address (for example: lease agreement, letter from local authority).

Read more about the processing of personal data in the context of registration in the consular population register: privacy statement.