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Which services are offered by the embassy?

  • If you are a Belgian and you are temporarily traveling abroad, consult the section Traveling Abroad
  • If you are a Belgian and reside permanently in Indonesia or East Timor, you will find the necessary information about consular administrative assistance here.

In accordance with the consular code, since 15/06/2014, administrative assistance by the embassy is only provided to Belgians who are registered in the consular population register. The administrative assistance to Belgians who are not registered in this register is limited to the issuance of a provisional passport if the conditions for issuance are met.

An appointment to come to the embassy can be made via the online appointment system for: eID applications, passport applications, legalization of documents, pick-up of documents that have been processed.



Identity card (e-ID)

Belgian passport

Civil status

Consular certificates


Notary experties

Legalization of documents

Consular fees


Driver’s licence

Social security

Police record

Elections in Belgium

External service providers


Vaccination of Belgians abroad

Support for Belgian detainees abroad

General texts about consular services for Belgians abroad can be found on the the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs 

Note: the following services cannot be offered by the embassy:

  • Acting in private matters such as the payment of hotel bills, medical expenses, customs fees, fines, court costs, bails, taking charge of an abducted child, enforcing a Belgian custody decision or forcing a third country to find a solution to a custody issue, investigating a crime or death…
  • Reserving a hotel, finding a residence, storing luggage, getting a work permit or a job;
  • Providing preferential treatment at a hospital, doctor, prison, on field trips or visits, mediating release from prison, or in legal proceedings;
  • Taking care of the extension of your visa, a work or residence permit;
  • Mediate for persons with dual nationality when they are in the country of their other nationality.