Consular services

This section contains information on your registration, how to apply for an identity card or passport, etc.

Electronic identity card and Kids-ID

Information on the electronic identity card and Kids-ID.
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All ID cards issued by EU member states must contain the fingerprints of 2 (index) fingers according to European regulations from mid-2021 at the latest.

From Monday 21 June 2021, for an electronic identity card (e-ID) and/or also your child for the Kids-ID (if your child is 6 years old or older), you will have to come in person and by appointment to your professional consulate to take your biometric data.

The Belgian embassies / Belgian consulates (general) issue electronic identity card (e-ID) to Belgians who are registered in the consular population register:

  • e-ID: electronic identity card for adults and children above 12 years old.
  • Kids-ID: electronic identity card for children under 12 years old.

Do not confuse the Belgian identity card with the residence card of your country of residence. The validity and legal nature of these residence documents are generally limited to the territory of the country of residence.

The e-ID and Kids-ID are valid identity and travel documents for the member states of the European Union and for a few neighboring countries. Hence, they will often be helpful - and even necessary - means for the holders to identify themselves.

For numerous countries a passport is required as an e-ID is not sufficient.

With an activated identity card and a card reader, you can log in to various Belgian government websites.

Read more here on the general information about the identity card for Belgians abroad: the identity card from the age of 12 and the kids ID for children under 12 years old.

Where an how to apply for e-ID?

1. At the embassy in Jakarta

You make an appointment via online via this link for your (Kids)-e-ID application. During the appointment, the biometric data will be recorded (photo, fingerprints and signature). Note, the registration of biometric data is also mandatory for children above 6 years old.

 You must submit the completed and signed application form (available in Dutch and French).

Attention, the application form for children must be signed by both parents.

You also bring to the appointment:

  • Copy of current ID and/or passport
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Payment proof (if bank transfer)
  • If applicable: proof of declaration of loss or theft (with this form in Dutch or French + report from local police)
  • For the fee and payment, see consular fee.

2. During the biometric mission

The embassy has a mobile kit and tries to organize a biometric mission to Bali at least once a year; and in other cities through diplomatic missions. Belgians who are registered in the consular population register will be informed of such missions. The biometric data for applying for a (kids) e-ID can be stored for 3 months, which means that the application must be completed within this period.

3. In Belgium

Since 21 June 2021 you can also apply for your e-ID at (1) the Belgian municipality where you were last registered, (2) your Belgian municipality of birth if you have never lived in Belgium, but were born there, or (3) a Belgian municipality of your choice if you have never lived and were not born in Belgium.

The e-ID and PUK code will then be delivered to the municipality at the latest 2-3 working days later, and you can activate the card immediately at the municipality.

It is best to contact your municipality in advance to inquire whether additional documents are required.

Production and delivery

The embassy will process your application and send it to the production center in Brussels. The embassy will generally receive your (kids) e-ID and a letter with your PUK code 3-4 weeks later.

In the application form you can choose to have the (kids) e-ID and PUK code sent to you, to pick it up yourself or to have it collected by a third person.

Delivery by courier: The (kids) e-ID and PUK code will be sent by courier. This is done at your responsibility and expense

  • NB: if the (kids) e-ID and PUK code are sent, it is not activated yet.

Pick up by yourself: The embassy will send a mail inviting you to make an appointment for eID collection/activation via the online appointment system.

  • NB: the embassy can keep your e-ID and PUK code for a maximum of 3 months.

Pick up by a third person: This person must bring a signed power of attorney and a copy of his/her proof of identity. The form must have a meterai (duty stamp).

Activation of (kids)-e-ID

The activation can be done at the embassy in Jakarta, in another consular post abroad or in a Belgian municipality. The e-ID and the PUK code are required for activation.

The identity card and the certificates can only be activated in the presence of the person concerned. This means that an e-ID of a minor between the ages of 12 and 18 can only be activated in the presence of that minor.

The kids e-ID can be activated by the parents (or the legal representative) without the presence of the child.

With an activated e-ID and a card reader, you can log in to various Belgian government websites.