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Notarial deeds in a consular post

Information on notarial deeds in a consular post.
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Notarial deeds are documents in which agreements and statements are legally recorded. It concerns procedures related to movable and immovable property, family law, will and successions, real estate law, ...

On the basis of the principle of 'Belgian interest', the embassy in Jakarta may draw up notarial deeds in the same capacity as a notary in Belgium, provided that a draft deed from a Belgian notary is submitted in advance.

This FPS Foreign Affairs has a centralized system for the reception of draft notarial deeds.

The system allows the public notaries to send their draft deeds as well as their practical questions to one single e-mail address ( and guarantees a central management of the procedures with significant time savings for all parties involved.

As soon as the embassy receives the deed from the FPS Foreign Affairs, the person concerned will be contacted to make an appointment to sign the notarial deed. You must then bring your passport.

A person who has had a deed drawn up will receive a certified copy that he can send to his notary in Belgium.

For the fee of a notarial deed, see consular fee.

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