Embassy of Belgium in Indonesia

Belgians in distress


Emergency number for Belgians in distress: +62 811 1063 7705

  • Number only for emergencies of Belgians (e.g. accident, loss/theft of documents, arrest), outside the opening hours of the embassy.
  • The person answering the emergency number will not answer administrative questions (e.g. visa, passport application).
  • Please note that there is a the time difference between Belgium and Indonesia: 5 to 6 hours depending on summer or winter time.


Embassies and consulates do not merely fulfil a diplomatic role but also function as a 'public service' for Belgians abroad. To a certain extent, they can provide assistance to Belgians in difficulty.

Despite all your precautions, you get into a distress situation abroad.

Seeking help from people or available organisations should be your first reflex:

  • Your family, friends, employer
  • Your tour operator or transport company
  • Your travel insurance (sometimes proposed by your credit card company)
  • Your mutuality
  • Your bank
  • Local emergency services (police, hospitals)

If your situation is serious and you cannot find assistance on your own, contact our Belgian representations abroad for consular assistance.

Beware: you cannot benefit from consular assistance if:

  1. You are travelling to a region for which the FPS Foreign Affairs travel advises against all travel (see travel advice);
  2. You are going to an area of armed conflict;
  3. You have not responded to the FPS Foreign Affairs'call to leave the region where you are staying;
  4. You take extraordinary risks, without any suitable insurance;
  5. You hold another nationality and you are in the country of that other nationality.

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