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All practical information on our Embassy in Jakarta.

Vacancies and internships

This page provides an overview of our vacancies and internships.
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There are no vacancies at the moment.


Internship at the Embassy

The vacancies for internships at the Embassy can be found on eStage

Internship applications must be made via the platform e-Stage. The embassy does not accept spontaneous applications for internships.

The practical requirements for an internship at the embassy are as follows:

  • The Embassy only accepts internships as part of a university (college) course. The intern must be affiliated as a student to an educational institution for the entire period of the internship. Either the internship is part of the educational curriculum and is thus linked to obtaining a certain number of credits or ECTS credits; or the internship is not a part of the curriculum but has the approval of the educational institution that issues a proof of their permission.
  • The internship is unpaid. The intern is not entitled to compensation for travel, visa, accommodation, insurance, or any other accommodation costs. All these costs are fully at the expense and responsibility of the intern.
  • The intern will have to be in order with Indonesia's regulations regarding identity documents, visa and residence permit, vaccines, etc. These documents must be valid throughout the internship period. A specific visa for Indonesia is required to follow an internship (Visa B211A) and needs to be applied for at the Embassy of Indonesia in Belgium.
  • The intern must have illness and disability insurance that, in addition to illness and disability, also covers repatriation to Belgium (or a third country) and must be covered by an insurance for occupational accidents and civil liability insurance.

Working for FPS Foreign Affairs

Our organisation represents, defends and promotes the interests of Belgium and Belgians abroad. We work not only from Belgium, but also from some 120 posts around the world. This makes our organisation unique and ensures that we can offer our employees many different careers and challenges.

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