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Getting married in Indonesia

A marriage in Indonesia is based on one religion. There are two Registrar offices for marriage in Indonesia:

  1. Civil Registrar Office (Catatan Sipil), for the registration of non-moslem marriage (Catholic, Protestant, Buddha, Hindu);
  2. Religious Affairs Office (Kantor Urusan Agama/KUA), for the registration of Moslem marriages. Both parties must have the same religion.

You can obtain information regarding which documents are needed for the registration of a marriage of foreigners at those offices. You can find out also whether legalizations or translations of these documents are needed.

The marriage registrar offices in Indonesia (Catatan Sipil & KUA) require a certificate of no impediment to a marriage issued by the Embassy. The Embassy of Belgium in Jakarta can deliver that certificate to Belgian citizens.

The following documents should be submitted to the Embassy:

  • a filled out application form
  • a recent certificate issued by the municipality in Belgium (or from the Belgian Embassy, if the person is officially registered in the population’s register of an overseas Embassy of Belgium), mentioning your identity, nationality, address and your marital status. (original, not older than 6 months)
  • in case your civil status is divorced: the divorce should be registered in the Civil Registrar Office in Belgium. The person must show a divorce act
  • your passport and identity card
  • the passport or identity card of your future spouse
  • proof of relationship
  • consular fees:  € 20, - (paid in IDR, depending on the valid consular rate)

It is always possible to send advance copies to the embassy. If there is no need to do further verification regarding the identity and/or documents the certificate will be issued as soon s possible. You and your future spouse can be invited for a short interview at the embassy.

What should be done after the marriage?

In order to register the marriage certificate with the Belgian authorities, the document needs to be legalized and translated.

  1. a. For Moslem marriages: The KUA will issue 2 marriage booklets. At least one of these booklets must be legalized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. You can contact the legalization department of this Ministry to have the requirements for legalization of the marriage book. 
    b. For other marriages: Normally the Civil Registration offices in Indonesia (Catatan Sipil) issue only an excerpt of the marriage act. You need to request a complete copy of the marriage act (in Bahasa it’s called: Salinan Lengkap Akta Perkawinan).
  2. The marriage book which is already legalized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs or the complete copy of the marriage act should be legalized and translated.
  3. The consular fee of 1 (one) legalization at the Embassy is € 20,-, which has to be paid in Rupiah, depends on the valid consular rate.

Legalization (+ translation) procedure

Legalisation (+ translation) of the original document by:

  1. Departemen Hukum dan H.A.M. (Ministry of Law and Human Rights) Legalisation Section Jl. Rasuna Said 3, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
  2. Departemen Luar Negeri (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Directorate of Consular Affairs - Legalisation Section Jl. Taman Pejambon 6, Jakarta Pusat
  3. The Embassy of Belgium
  4. Translation by a sworn translator
  5. Legalisation of the translation by the Embassy of Belgium