Embassy of Belgium in Indonesia


A divorce pronounced abroad can, with regard to the dissolution of the marriage itself, be recognized in Belgium without the intervention of a Belgian court. The divorce must however be registered in the national register. This happens in your Belgian municipality or at the embassy where you are registered.

  • For the registration of the divorce, you will have to present a divorce certificate.
  • For registration of the divorce at the embassy, the original documents are required. You can do this in person by appointment or through an administrative agent (see External Services in Indonesia). The original documents will be returned after registration.
  • If you were married in Belgium or if your marriage was transcribed in the registers of civil status in Belgium, you can ask the registrar of births, marriages and deaths of the municipality to add a side note to your marriage certificate. More information about the transfer of foreign civil status certificates can be found in the Registration Certificates section.

In Indonesia

  1. A divorce certificate for Indonesia is a Salinan Lengkap Akta Cerai.
  2. The divorce certificate must be legalized and translated. See Legalization of documents. For registration of the divorce in a Belgian municipality, it is best to contact the municipality in advance, to inquire whether a sworn translation from Indonesia is accepted.
  3. Attention: In Indonesia, the term “Talak” is often used in a divorce certificate. Strictly speaking, this term refers to a divorce by repudiation in which the rights of the woman are not respected. Repudiation is not accepted under Belgian law, as is a divorce certificate that mentions the this term.

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