Embassy of Belgium in Indonesia


If one of your Belgian relatives dies abroad, the death must immediately be notified to the competent local authorities who will draw up a death certificate.

It is essential that this notification is made within the legal timeframes laid down in the legislation of the country where the death occurred.

The funeral company and/or the company which will repatriate the deceased's remains may be able to provide more information on this subject.

It is important not to confuse the actual death certificate (civil status certificate) with the medical certificate certifying the death of the person concerned.

If the deceased person was registered in the consular population register, the embassy registers the death in the national register on the basis of the translated and legalized death certificate.

In Indonesia

An Indonesian death certificate (Salinan Lengkap Akta Kematian) is legally valid in Belgium, provided it is drawn up by the competent local authority and in the form that is customary in Indonesia. The Indonesian death certificate must be translated and legalized (See Legalization of documents).

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